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At each of our camps, we give away a free pair of gloves to each camper. Please email us at to see if we have any surplus. Here are the styles we have given away in the past:

The Prototype: Flash

These would look great under the tree and then on the field!

Meet our new Prototype line! They all have a wrap around wrist strap and contact performance latex. The Prototype "Flash" has a unique "indented finger cut" for a snug fit. Unlike any glove you will see out there!

RF Glacier

In blue, we present the "rolled finger" (RF) glove. This has wider "wrap-around" fingers for getting added surface area behind the ball. German latex offers a superior grip.  This is a thicker style of glove and is particularly good in wet weather.

White Storm.jpg
FF Storm - Blizzard

Here is our original TBK glove: the FingerForm (FF)! This has a classic-style flat palm and finger protection spines. We added an extra thick latex on the palm for this one; that has made these gloves excellent performers in wet and cold conditions. Mesh “gussets” surround each finger to offer ventilation for your hands!

NC Storm - Ice

The all-white version of the TBK midnight. Once again, the NC stands for "negative cut." This has the same mesh gussets and lightweight feel as its sibling. The only difference is the color!

The Prototype: Arachnid

These would look great under the tree and then on the field!

Kind of looks like a spider web, so we call this one the Arachnid. Same contact latex and wrap around wrist as its siblings. Normal finger cut, great grip! Our most popular new model!

HC Inferno

In red, we present a sibling of the rolled finger: the "hybrid cut" (HC). A "hybrid cut" has the "wrap-around" finger for the index finger and pinkie -- but "normal" cut fingers for the middle two; it offers a slightly lighter feel than the "roll cut." Once again, German latex is used for exceptional grip.

Dark Storm.png
FF Storm - Thunder

Our FingerForm line also is available with a black palm; the same white back makes for a unique look!  We'll be completely honest with you -- the black palm started out as a production error but they sold out at our first camp ... so we made more! Research shows the black palm will entice the forward to shoot at your gloves (okay, it was a small sample research study). The same German latex and mesh finger “gussets” as our regular FingerForm model are available here. NOTE: wrist straps on this one have been coming off if ripped hard; if that happens we will send a free replacement!

Blue Gloves.jpg
The Prototype: Apparition

These would look great under the tree and then on the field!

This one looks kind of ghostly and has removable finger spines via the back of hand zipper! Store coins or penalty kick scouting reports in there! Same wrap-around wrist and contact latex as its siblings. Sure to intimidate your opposition!

TBK Web Cut

This glove is a cross between a “rolled cut” and “negative cut”; as a result, you get the latex surface area of a rolled cut combined with the tighter fit of a negative cut. These gloves have high-quality mesh “gussets” around each finger for enhanced “breathability.” The finest German latex offers a great "spider web" style grip as well!

NC Storm - Midnight

This is our new all-black "negative cut" (NC)! A "negative cut" glove fits tighter around the fingers, and this one has mesh lining in-between the fingers for "breathability" -- a fancy term for keeping your hands cool on a hot day! German latex provides a superior grip. This is also our lightest glove -- it almost feels like an extension of your hand! Older folks: this is a comfortable glove to coach in and great for adult leaguesI If you want this with finger protection, well, our manufacturer accidentally made 100 of those; so we can make that happen!

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